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For a few months I have really turned to essential oils to help with headaches, anxiety, aches, pains, and just about anything else you can imagine. I use them on my boys also. My fourteen year old has Asperger's and I make an inhale that he uses to help ease anxiety, and on my little one I make a chest rub and eczema cream. I am in need of a few certain oils to add to my collection so that I can make a few certain "remedies" that can only be made with these certain oils.  The oils I am needing are: 





clary sage




I feel so much better using all natural plant therapy on myself and my children. Adding these oils, or some of them, would greatly help make what I need. 

My wish is for a minion toy for my niece. More specifically the Despicable Me Bee-Do Fireman Minion, but any minion toy would make her very happy! 

I just moved to Wisconsin and am temporarily living with my sister. I have no vehicle. I have been looking for work since moving here last month and plan on saving up as much money as I can to use towards purchasing a vehicle, a place of my own to live and to fight to get my daughter back. I have researched vehicle prices here and the most I'd be willing to pay is $2000. The housing market for rent here for a single person is around $700-1000 a month plus utilities. I need to get a lawyer which I have been quoted fees of up to $5000. I'm not asking for anyone to pay up to $8000 for me to obtain all these things, but even half would be helpful. I am determined to do whatever I need to do to obtain self sufficiency and stability on my own, but I have very little time to gather this amount of money to succeed. My priority is to have my own place and get a lawyer to fight for my daughter, but I must do this before the end of December 2015 which is fast approaching. I am not looking for a handout or someone to financially support me. I want to be able to do that on my own. I just need a little help to get started. Thank you for reading my wish and God bless anyone willing to help!

I wish for one christmas present for my 6 year old son. It was tough this year and unfortunately being a single mother i won't be able to get him anything for christmas after bills.  :( please help

Hello, my wish is for a manicure. I have NEVER had my nails done professionally. I have three energetic children at home and they are a handful. 2 of them are ADHD/ADD, (boy age 12, girl age 6). My youngest has been threw a lot. She was born 2 weeks early,weighed 12 pounds 2 ounces. She was born dead, breach, she had a whole in her heart, and fluid on her brain. She spent 2 months in the niccu and finally got to come home with a feeding tube. She had it for the first 2 years of her life and finally got it removed. She has had ups and downs she still has some problems with her legs but other than that she is a brat like always lol.

Please help me do something for myself.

Hi. I'm not sure how to ask this but my wish is to by my daughter some new clothes and hair extensions. She's a plus size young lady and I'm disabled and only get $700 a month. She could really use the new clothes and hair so that she can maybe go search for work to help me pay bills. Thank you so much.. 

sorry, I do not know how to work this site lol.  I wish for a toddler car seat.  Christmas is not going to happen at my house this year but it would be so nice to have a car seat for my grand daughter.

UPDATE: Now I need a starter, Ignition Module Control, & Ignition Coil. Why do car parts cost so much. See, I never get ahead. : I am disabled and have to drive to doctors, $7 to each one. I have to cancel towards end of month as there is no gas money and no ride in this rural area. I would love to get ahead in this part of my monthly budget so I never have to worry about missing one of the many doctors appts. (If you pray, please pray for my many health issues.) Thank you.


 My birthday is 11-25, and all I want is books. I've been doing a lot of reading recently, trying to stay off of my phone and television. I have some books on my wish list that I'd love to have, it'd really be the best present ever.

Most people want to get rid of gas. I actually need some for my car to go to unemployment and job interviews. Toot! Toot!

I wish for Peugeot Women's Watch as I need a new watch!


I recently suffered a stroke - Nov. 11th - and was admitted to the hospital on Nov. 13th. I stayed four days and was discharged on Nov. 17th. Although they recommended me going to a rehab, my stubborn butt wanted to come home! I am still very unsteady on my feet, and the visiting nurse has told me to get shower rails, removable shower head, and slip resistant strips for the tub. My children already have purchased me a shower chair to use. With birthdays, and, of course, Christmas this month, finding the extra funds to purchase these items is not coming easy :(

Thanks for taking the time to read my wish <3

I live overseas, but I'd love see my family more often, but they are in Asia.

My grandma is in her late nineties now...  Id love to go back, but the cost is quite high...

I want to win this wish because I am out of supplies for school and I really need some toner for my printer badly.  I have been on the Deans List for 5 years straight (now that we are in  2016) and I just need to print some school work out. 

The ink is $80 bucks but if I won the $50 I would be more than half way there to being able to get the ink for my printer so I can finish my school work. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY WISH!!!  Thank you so much Ms. Spunky

I wish for 25 bucks but trying to decide what I want it for is making my head spin cause I can't decide on one thing. Being I was in the hospital 3 weeks this summer and was out of work 4 months, it's been a long ago memory since I could afford any kind of luxury like, oh let's see, Dr. Teals bubble bath! Dr. Teals bubble bath is my heaven on earth and I haven't had any since like April. I'd definitely splurge on some scently tart warmers to make my house smell yummy too. Oh, and Chap stick and some lip gloss, I've been using plain vaseline for a while because that's what poor folk do. Hell I might even splurge on quilted toilet paper. I wish for $25 to blow on all a bunch of stuff just for me. It's the little things...

When I find a shirt I love, I wear the heck out of it. I have some much loved shirts in my closet right now. The problem is that they have been loved for a long time and they're getting stretched and faded and full of holes. It's time for me to find a couple of new shirts to love. 

Why should you vote for me?

  1. No one wants to see me wandering around without a shirt.
  2. I'm pretty cool.
  3. You are awesome.

My wish is for a new computer.  Recently i lost my beloved service animal Sasha (cat).  all the photo's i have for her are on my computer which is broken.  I want too see my baby's pics.  I am so lost without her.  Please grant me this one wish.  I miss her dearly and need too see her

I need gas help so i can get to my specialist for my health care.  I go every 2 weeks now. The specialist is an hour away from where i live. So gas right now would help.  Thank you for reading my wish. 

Update.. i had to cancel these allergy shots and back specailist just dont have the gas to go. my household just went homeless this past saturday as we have no electric no heat  no running water. we are in hotel temporary for now. need all the help we can get right now.

My husband of 21 years and I have separated.  I no longer have a couch and need one.  My three daughters and I are using an outdoor lounger to sit on right now.  Being able to get a couch right now during this rough time would mean a lot.  

A good friend of mine, a sister in my ward, just had a brand new baby girl! She is beautiful!!! I want to get her mom something practical, so I'm thinking a Walmart gift card would be best. That way she can get whatever she is still lacking after the baby shower and such. Please vote for me so I can help her out even more!


i am a blog reviewer for  and stay at home mom of 2 toddlers.

i have been needing a camcorder for my reviews but i can get one cause my husband thinks what i do is non sense and not important so this wish would make my day. i am not wanting anything special just anything that is able to take decent videos.


Please help me get a caffeine fix by granting my wish for a gift card to either Starbucks,  Einstein brothers or Panera bread! thanks and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

My 10 year old son is pretty tall 5'2". He really wants a bike but the larger ones cost more than I have. He has also saved up about $25 dollars to put towards it. I know that I can only ask for $25 max. so I would love to win this for a $25

Amazon Gift Card to put towards his bike. I have about $100 now. 

He really deserves this because he hasn't had a bike that fits him, like ever. As a tall kid, he has always had to have one that was heavier than him, as most kids bikes are, so it was really hard to hold that sucker up. He wants to use it to ride to and from school and around the city. This would save us @ $3 per day in bus fare.


A bit about him:

He is 10 y/o in the 5th grade. He is smart and gets good grades. He is kind and thoughtful, loves animals and cant wait to be 12 so he can volunteer in animal shelters. He has taken a bike maintenance and repair class, at his own expense. 

When he is not taking various classes with his shy younger brother, he likes to swim, play soccer, tinker and draw. When he grows up ,he wants to be an Aeronautic Engineer after he joins the Navy. He is currently studying Japanese in school and loves sushi.

 Schwinn Men's Wayfare Hybrid Bike, Blue