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Help Myself

We all have needs don't we!  Here are the instructions for submitting a wish and improving your chances of getting it granted!

It's free and we collect very little information.  We don't sell your information either and we'll only communicate with you when necessary.  In less than a minute, you'll be ready to move on to the next step.

For more information about creating a user account, see our FAQ article, "How do I create a user account?"

It's free and easy.  Submit a wish and within 24 hours, you'll be ready to collect votes.

See our FAQ for tips on Wishes.

You have a voice, don't forget to use it!  Make sure you vote for your own wish!

Use e-mail and social media web-sites to tell your friends about your wish. Encourage your friends to vote for your wish. Use the social media links on your wish page to get the word out. It only takes a second and could make a big difference.  Tell your friends to confirm that they've voted for your wish.  Follow-up with those that haven't confirmed.  Make a few well placed calls.  The more you promote your wish, the more likely you are to get the votes you need.

If Star Rank is your goal, hit your competitors every day with a 1 star vote!  If it's Vote Count that you're looking for, be sure to withhold voting for competitors.

You can vote once per day per wish.  Come back in 24 hours and vote again!  Send another round of social media shares.  Keep accumulating those votes!