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Help Someone Else

What a nice person you are!  Here are the steps you take to help someone else get their wish granted.

It's free and we collect very little information.  We don't sell your information either and we'll only communicate with you when necessary.  In less than a minute, you'll be ready to move on to the next step.

For more information about creating a user account, see our FAQ article, "How do I create a user account?"

To help your friend, you must find their wish first.  Perhaps they e-mailed you a link or posted something on a social media site.  Try those first.  Otherwise, use the search box on the top of the page if you know what they wished for.  You can also browse the wishes using the Wish Menu.  Wishes are in alphabetical order by user.  Once you've found your friend's wish, click on it's title and you're ready for the next step...

Give your friend's wish a 10 star vote!  It's free and only takes a second.  If the goal is Star Rank, dish out some strategically placed 1 star votes while you're at it.

To learn more about voting, see our FAQ article, "How does the voting work?"

Use e-mail and social media web-sites to tell your friends about your friend's wish.  Encourage them to help your friend.  Use the social media links on your friend's wish page to get the word out.  It only takes a second and could make a big difference for your friend.

Be very careful with this step!  Your friend might earn a medal based on star rank even if they don't have the most votes.  Give a competing wish a 1 star vote to reduce it's rank and cause your friend's to rise in rank.  Be careful though, because a 1 star vote is still a vote and improves that wish's chances of winning based on votes.  Careful thought should be placed in the timing and strategy of 1 star votes.  Good Luck!

You can vote once per day per wish.  Come back in 24 hours and vote again!