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The latest news from Wish Me This!

Katlyn won February's contest and chose Jessica Wyatt to win as well!  Congratulations to both.  We now await a donation to begin the next contest period.  Please consider donating.  You can donate here to help people in need.

Congratulations Katlyn!  You won on Star Rank.  Now you get to pick the other winner!

Congratulations Barbara Cissell and Tina Campbell.  You've won January's contest!  New and creative rules have been set with 3 ways to win!

Wishes made by midnight January 26 will participate in January's contest.  Get your wish in today if you don't already have one!

Congratulations Jenny and Kiristie Flores!  Your wishes have been granted!

It's free and you might win even if you don't get any votes!  Be sure to make your wish before 12/31/15 for a chance to win!

Congratulations Melinda McKenzie and Carolyn Bassett!  You've won and your wishes have been granted!  Votes have been reset and new winning criteria reset for December.

At a random time on December 1, two winners will be chosen from the leader boards!  Get your final votes in now for a chance to win!

Last call for November wishes!  Wishes placed on and after 11/26 will be held for December.  If you'd like to have a shot at November, your wish must be submitted by November 25.

Have you tried our Wish Forum yet?  A few people have introduced themselves.  Tell everyone who you are and why they should vote for your wish!

Wishes and votes are now active for November!  Submit your wish and let the voting begin!

We're very excited to announce that we'll begin granting wishes in November!  Feel free to submit a wish today for the November voting period!

As of March 1, 2014, this site is no longer granting wishes.  It may be revived in the future with a different set of rules, but for now this site is not granting wishes.  If revived, all members of the site will be notified.  Thanks!

Congratulations Anita!  With 202 votes cast, her wish is granted!

Sherry's star rank lead earns her another medal and one more wish goes into play.

Congratulations Kyla for winning today's random medal!

Anita pulls a 6th medal on vote count.  Depending on how the random medal goes tomorrow, it looks like Anita is going to beat Sherry to the finish line!  Two more wishes went into play.

Sherry earns another medal with her star rank lead.  If no wish is granted in two days, $60 wishes will go into play.

Anita earns medal #5 with an astounding 172 votes cast so far.

Very few people challenging Sherry's lead as she easily picks up medal #2.  $50 wishes go back into play!

Sherry is one medal closer to her cabbage patch wish!  One more wish went into play.  If anyone wants to compete with Sherry, they'll have to get a friend or two involved!

Julie won today's random medal for her cat food wish.  Tomorrow we go back to star rank where we currently have a strong leader.

Julie Murphy won January's Wish Drive and will receive a $50 gift card of her choice!  Donna won today's medal for vote count!  Congratulations both of you!.

Kalyani finally held on to that top star rank spot for long enough!  Some of the wishes remain in play while others will have to wait a few days.  

Tomorrow is your last chance to challenge Kalyani AND to submit a wish for our January Wish Drive and have a chance to win a $50 gift card!  If you were on the fence about submitting a wish, now is a great time!

Anita earns medal #4 for her comfortable lead in vote count.  More wishes go into play!

Kalyani regains the star rank lead for another medal!  If nobody can put up a challenge on star rank over the next few days, Kalyani will have a granted wish by Friday and some of the wishes will fall out of play, but some will stay.

Anita still holds on to a slight edge on star rank, earning her a 3rd medal!  Star rank moves slowly when you have that many votes! Tomorrow's medal will be star rank again.

Anita is barely hanging on to the top of the star rank chart, but she won the random medal for today anyway!  If a wish isn't granted in the next few days, the $60 wishes will go into play.

Congratulations Donna on medal #4.  91 votes is amazing!  A raft load of wishes go into play!

Kalyani still holds a comfortable lead in star rank.  Tomorrow 9 more wishes go into play!

Kalyani picks up another medal with that comfortable star rank lead.  The secret to Kalyani's success is just 3 friends that vote consistently.  That's all it takes to lead the pack on the leaderboards.  If you want to compete for that top spot, you'll need a couple friends to help you out!  More wishes go into play over the next few days!

Donna earns a medal on sheer number of votes, congratulations!  One more wish went into play.

Kalyani takes a solid lead in star rank and pulls down medal #2.  Unless the other wishers wake up and start voting consistently like Kalyani, this phase will be over pretty quickly.  Kalyani shows us that a little effort goes a long way quickly on this site.

A relatively new wish to the site picked up a medal today.  Congratulations Kalyani!  One more wish went into play.

Julie earns medal #2 without any competition, though that lack of competition ended today.  Four more wishes went into play.

One wish went into play today and is currently uncontested.  Four wishes go into play tomorrow.  

A $28 wish will go into play tomorrow uncontested.  One day later, the $30 wishes go into play.  It's a great time to submit a wish!  Two weeks left to win a $50 gift card with our January Wish Drive!

1/14/14 - Congratulations Linda!  She pulled in her social network today to push her on top for that last medal.  That depletes the fund for a few days, but get ready as the Wish Fund climbs back up again!  You can still vote on wishes while they are not in play.

Jessica swoops in to take a medal on star rank, which is very competitive right now.  Tomorrow one more wish goes into play!

Today's random medal went to Julie.  Tomorrow we go back to star rank, so get your votes ready!

Donna earns a medal on total vote count.  A $35 wish goes into play tomorrow.

Linda is close to getting her wish granted, but 4 more wishes entered the race giving her some competition.

Linda's uncontested $25 wish went into play today and $30 wishes go into play tomorrow.  Donna, Jessica, and Pam, get ready!  Your $30 wishes will need to compete with Linda's right away to earn medals.

We're having a January Wish Drive.  You could win a $50 gift card!  Current odds of winning are only 1 in 76!  Click read more for details...


Congratulations AMW, your wish is granted!  This depletes the Wish Fund again for a few more days, but wishes will go back into play again soon.  It's a good time to submit a wish around $25 to compete with Linda when those wishes go back into play.

With tomorrow's vote based on vote count, it would take some serious social media magic for AMW's wish not to be granted.  This is a good example of a wish with a lot of history, and that history giving it an advantage over the other newer wishes.  Keep working on your own wish history, even if it's not in play!

Congratulations to Alicia Whittaker!  She won the $50 gift card for our December Wish Drive!  We'll likely do another wish drive in January.  Stay tuned for more details.

Linda barely earns medal #5 with a 0.01 lead in star rank.  A super narrow victory!  Less than one star separates first and last place on the leaderboards for star rank!

AMW pulls down the 1st medal of the year!  One more wish went into play today.