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Absolutely!  When you submit a wish, it gets an editorial review before being published on the site, typically within 24 hours.  Here are all the rules surrounding wishes:


One Wish

You only get one wish per household published at a time.  We don't want people clogging up the site with 100 wishes, so choose your wish carefully.  If you already have a wish published and submit another one, it will not make it through editorial review.  If your old wish is performing poorly and you'd like to get rid of it, just e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for your wish to be removed.  The e-mail must come from the e-mail account associated with your user account.  In addition, you will lose any votes that you had for that wish.  Votes on your old wish cannot be transferred to your new wish and your old wish cannot be reinstated.  Once you've received confirmation that your wish has been removed, you can submit another one.


Keep It Clean Folks!

Wishes shouldn't include obscenity or adult content.  Our editors will try to clean it up and make it publishable, but if it's not rated PG or less, it probably isn't going to make it through editorial review.  Also, if your wish published but we start getting legitimate complaints about it, we'll require you to change the wish or we'll have to give it the boot.  We'll do our best to contact you and keep your wish alive, but we may have to remove it from the site if we get too many complaints.


A Clear Pricetag

Some wishes are priceless, such as world peace, true love, or revenge on your little brother.  These are all fine quality wishes, but you'll have to look somewhere else to have them granted.  Wishes posted on this site must have a clear financial cost and that cost must include shipping and taxes.  Wishes without a clear price tag or a fluctuating price tag will not pass editorial review.


No Habla... operates within a tiny little company in the United States.  Perhaps some day in the future, we may release a multilingual version of this site, but for the moment, we're going to ask that wishes be submitted in English.  It can be bad English with all kinds of grammatical errors, but as long as we can understand what you want and it meets all the other guidelines, it'll make it through editorial review.  You can be located in any country in the world, but we respectfully request that you submit your wish in English.  Other languages are not likely to make it through editorial review.


Let Someone Else Have a Chance

So you're a social media genius and whenever you post a wish, you toast the competition!  Great for you, no fun for everyone else.  Once you've had a wish granted, you'll have to wait through a cool-off period before you get another wish.  At least 2 months must pass before you or anyone in your household will be allowed to submit another wish or have one granted, and you can only have two wishes per household granted in a given calendar year.  Let's spread some of the wish fun around a little bit!


No Cash, Except Charitable Donations 

No wishes for pure cash.  What would you spend the money on?  That's what we're looking for!  We may attempt to fulfill your wish through a cash payment through Paypal, but make sure your wish is more interesting than, "I want to be paid."  You can wish for a specific donation to a charity if you'd like.  It has to be a real registered charity though.  Gift cards are also OK. 


Wish Deadline

Depending on the nature of the contest, wishes submitted towards the end of the contest period may be held held until the beginning of the next voting period.  See the home page for the final date for wish submission for each contest period.


Just Because

We reserve the right to decline to publish your wish or boot it from the site for any other unforeseeable problem.  This might include things like tampering with the site, questionable voting patterns, or anything else that would damage the system or the community we're trying to create on our site.  We'll be sure to attempt to contact you first and we'll work with you to get the problem fixed, but if we can't find a solution to the problem, we might boot you or your wish from the site.  Our emphasis will be on keeping the site fun and fair, so let's follow the rules and play nice and everybody will have a good time!

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