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The latest news from Wish Me This!

Other wishes are gaining ground, but Linda still keeps the lead for one more medal!  Two more wishes go into play, both with some history.

Linda keeps her medals going and two more wishes will go into play tomorrow.

The second uncontested medal for Linda.  $30 medals went into play, so we'll see if they can challenge her.  Two more days to post a wish to qualify for the Wish Drive!

Linda pulls down an easy medal with no competition.  After tomorrow's medal, $30 wishes go into play.

Linda publishes a wish to take advantage of ZERO competition for the next two days.  Wishes at $25 go into play today.  Just a few more days to submit a wish and compete in our Wish Drive.  Click the "Wish Drive" menu item for more details.

Laurie barely gets her 7th medal and gets her wish granted!  Congratulations!  In a few more days, wishes will gradually go back into play unless someone submits a lower dollar wish.  For example, a $25 wish would go into play tomorrow and would probably pickup a couple quick medals before the $30 wishes went into play.

Donna squeaks out a medal with a 1 vote lead.  One more wish went into play.  Tomorrow goes back to star rank.

Laurie's competition has been trying, but they haven't closed the gap on star rank yet.  Laurie earns her 6th medal today!  The Christmas medal will be based on vote count.

Laurie has good competition now, but she still earned medal #5 because she has a slight lead in star rank.  Tomorrow will be star rank again, then vote count on Wednesday where the competition is very tight.

There were no new low dollar wishes over the last 24 hours, so Laurie won medal #4.  Two more wishes went into play to give her some competition.  More wishes will go into play if one isn't granted over the next few days.

Unless someone submits a low dollar wish, Laurie will win a 4th medal tomorrow as well.  She will get some competition after tomorrow's medal though as $30 wishes from Donna and Jessica go into play.

Laurie has the only wish out there at the moment, so she picks up medal #2.  The advantage to a lower dollar wish is that it's in play more often!  In 2 days the $30 wishes go into play.

Congratulations Kerri!  Your wish has been granted!  That knocks all wishes but one out of play for a few days.  Those $30 something wishes will be back in play in a few days, so get your vote counts ready.

Kerri extends that lead a little bit and pulls down medal #6.  It seems very likely that Kerri's wish will be granted tomorrow.  

Unless someone puts together a challenge for the lead soon, Kerri's wish will be granted in 2 days.  One more wish went into play today.  Tomorrow's medal is on vote count!

Kerri's comfortable lead earns another medal and two more wishes go into play.

Jessica won today's random medal!  Congratulations!  Tomorrow's medal goes back to star rank and one more wish goes into play.

Kerri earns a 3rd Medal and $30 wishes go into play.  Tomorrow's medal will be randomly awarded to 1 of the 4 wishes in play.  Starting Monday, more wishes will qualify to go into play as the Wish Fund keeps growing.

Kerri pulls down a 2nd medal.  Tomorrow's wish will be on vote count, where Kerri is a clear leader.  $30 Wishes go into play tomorrow after the medal is awarded.

Congratulations Laurie on earning your first medal!  A $25 wish with some vote history went into play today to give you some competition.  Tomorrow's medal will be based on star rank and $30 wishes go into play in 2 days.

$20 wishes are now in play.  $25 wishes go into play tomorrow.  Don't forget about our December Wish Drive.  Every person with a wish published has a chance to win a $50 gift card!

The Wish Fund was beat up pretty good last week with a string of granted wishes.  $20 wishes hit the leaderboards in 2 days.  The Wish Fund grows a little bit each day.  $25 wishes hit the leaderboards in 3 days and $30 wishes in 5 days.  Get your votes and star rank ready!

All this recent wish granting has brought the Wish Fund balance down a bit, though it will grow each day.  Jamie's wish was granted today!  The next wish to go into play is at $25, which the Wish Fund balance will reach in 4 days.  Then we have some in the $30 range that will go into play in the days following that.  Get your votes and star rank ready!  You can still vote on wishes that are not in play!

Barbara gets her wish granted!  Congratulations!  That pretty well wipes out the Wish Fund for a few days leaving only 1 wish in play, which will be granted tomorrow unless someone posts a wish of $20 or less and then wins the random medal tomorrow.  If no new wishes are posted, it'll be a few days before the $25 wishes go back into play.

With a 0.01 lead in star rank, Barbara barely earns her 6th medal.  She has a more comfortable 7 vote lead in vote count, so unless someone challenges her on that by sometime Saturday, her wish will be granted tomorrow!

Patricia earned her 7th medal today and her wish will now be granted.  Congratulations!  Two wishes fell out of play, but not for long.  Most of the wishes that were in play are still in play.

Barbara maintained her 5 vote lead to win her 5th medal today.  Thursday we go back to star rank where the results are extremely close!  Less than one star separates 1st and 10th place, so there's no clear leader.

Anita pulls down her first medal.  Nice work!  Wednesday's medal is on good old fashioned vote count, and then we return to the more volatile star rank on Thursday and Friday.

Congratulations Kerri on your first medal!  Tomorrow's medal will be on star rank again, so get those 10-star or 1-star votes going!  Also, submit a wish in December for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate of your choice.  See our Wish Drive for more details.

Nick won the lucky draw and gets his first medal!  Remember, the rules changed so tomorrow's medal will be based on STAR RANK.  If nobody beats Patricia for top of the star rank leaderboard, her wish will be granted tomorrow!

Patricia continues to lead the pack in star rank, which becomes very important starting today.  Star rank will now earn medals more often than vote count, so with the right voting strategy, you could earn medals with fewer votes!

Barbara earns her 3rd medal and Jenny's wish goes into play!  Melinda's wish goes into play sometime Friday.

A slight change to how medals are awarded will change the way the game runs starting December 1.  Click to read more...

Patricia pulls star rank for her 5th medal!  If no wish is granted in 2 days, $70 wishes will go into play.

Barbara earned her second medal!  $60 wishes went into play today.  Our December Wish Drive is happening right now.  Submit a wish for a chance to win a $50 gift card.  See our News section for more details.

Congratulations Barbara on your first medal!  Sometime tomorrow the $60 wishes go into play and we announce a few changes to the rules that will begin December 1.  Also, we'll announce a Wish Drive which will give people with wishes one more chance to win something.  More details will be published Tuesday.

The rules for how medals are awarded will change slightly on December 1, 2013.  Click read more to be prepared!

Congratulations AMW, you won today's random medal!  Monday goes back to vote count.

Patricia earns her 4th medal!  A couple more wishes may go into play in a few days.  We'll be starting a new promotion soon and making some minor changes to the way medals are awarded starting December 1.  Watch the news, facebook, and your e-mail if you're a registered user.  More details will be coming soon!

AMW pulls down medal #3 and $50 wishes go into play, changing everything up a bit.  If no wish is granted in 4 days, two more $60 wishes will go into play!

AMW earns medal #2.  If a wish isn't granted tomorrow, the $50 wishes go into play!

Patricia earns her 3rd medal today based on star rank!  Tomorrow we go back to vote count.  If a wish isn't granted in the next two days, $50 wishes go back into play.

AMW takes the lead leaving Jamie one medal shy of getting her wish granted!  Ouch!  Tomorrow's wish will be based on star rank, so bust out the 10-star or 1-star votes, depending on your goal!

Jamie gets Medal #6, but two wishes went into play today.  One old one with some history and one brand new one!  Those of you with wishes around the $50 mark should get ready.  If no wish is granted over the next 4 days, all five $50 wishes will go into play!  Some of those have some age and decent vote counts.

Good fortune has favored Patricia and her wish today!  She won today's random medal.  Lexi's wish has gone into play.  Tomorrow's wish will be based on vote count.

Surprisingly, nobody pulled out the 1 star votes for Saturday's medal and Patricia got her first for star rank.  Sunday's will be at random and another wish will go into play.

Jamie seems unstoppable with her 5th medal, but tomorrow's medal is awarded on star rank and other wishes have the lead in that.  Will we see some 1 star voting on Saturday?

Jamie earned medal number 4, but finally gets some competition.  Two more wishes went into play, one with a few votes and one brand new one.  Can they get enough votes to pass Jamie and start earning the medals before her wish is granted?

Jamie gets medal #3 today and looks pretty clear for tomorrow's too.  Patricia goes into play after tomorrow's medal, though she doesn't have any votes yet.

Congratulations Jamie on your second medal!  Patricia's wish goes into play in 2 days, so get your votes ready!