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The latest news from Wish Me This!

Congratulations Pickles!  Your wish has been granted!  Just one wish in play right now, so it'll rack up some medals.  In the coming days, more wishes will go into play but we're still running a shortage of small dollar wishes.  It's a good time to make a wish around the $25 mark or less!

We're having something of a shortage of low dollar wishes.  That translates to any wish of around $25 or less will compete very well with very few votes over the next two weeks.  Perhaps a gift for a friend, restaurant gift card, a week's worth of Starbucks, etc.  What are you waiting for?

Pickles gets another medal!

Congratulations Barb Gruber!  You've earned your medals and your wish is granted.  This is the 3rd wish we've granted since early October and the field is wide open for lower dollar wishes.  If we don't get a few more low dollar wishes, we'll easily grant the remaining two wishes over the next two weeks.  It's a great time to submit a wish!

Barb's almost there with medal 6 and she has a clear lead.  Tomorrow's medal will be on star rank.  Short of a surprise challenger, Barb will get her wish granted tomorrow.

If nobody challenges Barb in the next couple days, she'll have her wish granted on Wednesday.

Congratulations Jamie!  You won today's random medal.  Tomorrow we go back to vote count where Barb Gruber has a lead.  Lexi's and AMW's wishes go into play soon, but unless they get some votes, they won't be able to stop Barb.

Nice work Pickles!  Better get some votes going because Barb Gruber went into play today with a higher vote count and star rank.  Tomorrow's medal will be awarded at random!

You earned 7 medals and your wish was granted.  Everything has changed for those who remain!  Click read more for more info.

Unless someone can come up with a little over 20 votes in a hurry, Avie will have her wish granted Friday!

The next two medals are on vote count, so someone will have to pull off quite an upset to stop Avie from getting her wish granted on Friday!

Avie earned her 4th medal today!  Is Avie unstoppable?  She has the lead in both vote count and star rank, so unless someone challenges her in one of those areas, she'll have her wish granted on Friday and wishes over $24 will be temporarily knocked out of play.

Avie earned her third medal today!  She has the lead in both vote count and star rank, so unless someone challenges her in one of those areas, she'll have her wish granted on Friday and wishes over $24 will be temporarily knocked out of play.

Win up to 4 free votes and 1 free medal by achieving a few simple tasks.  From now through October 31, 2013 we’re having a special promotion for the last week of the month.  Click Read More for more details.

Danie has won a medal!  Tomorrow we'll go back to vote count.

Sarah Norman won today's medal based on star rank.  Congratulations!  Tomorrow's medal will be awarded to a wish in play at random.  A good day to shore up your votes before Monday.

Medal Number 2 for Avie Shawl!  Tomorrow's medal will be awarded on star rank, which Avie is also currently in the lead.

Avie Shawl wins our first medal since the new voting system has been put into place.  Tomorrow's medal will be on vote count again, so don't forget to vote if you want to compete!

Get your votes in!  A medal will be awarded at a random time each day starting today!

The rolling restart is just about done.  We will begin awarding medals tomorrow!

Well, from a pirate's perspective at least!  Sharon was kind enough to send us a picture of the stuff she bought with her granted wish.  You can see it by clicking here.

We had some serious issues that required us to mostly start over!  As a result, a lot has changed.  Click Read More for more details.

Pardon our dust, the voting has been temporarily disabled.  The site will be up and fully functional with some new safeguards in a few hours.  You may still create accounts, post wishes, and login.  New information will be released in a few hours.

Barb grabs her 4th Medal.  All $50 wishes go into play tomorrow.  Better get your votes now so you can compete with Barb!

Barb is the clear leader! Three Medals down, four to go.  Those of you with $50 wishes better shore up your votes.  Two more days and you go into play.  If you can't compete with Barb, your wish won't be in play for long!

Congratulations Barb Gruber!  She is stomping her competition and won today's medal.  Tomorrow's will be on total votes again.

Congratulations Pickles!  You've won a Medal.  Tomorrow we go back to vote count, so get those votes out there!

Congratulations Barb Gruber!  You've won today's medal.  Tomorrow's medal will be randomly awarded.

The leaderboards have been completely shaken up! Click "Read More" for more details.  

Congratulations Sharon Cummings!  Your wish has been granted!  The leaderboards are wide open!  It's a great time to post a smaller dollar wish!  Over the next few days, more wishes will move from Wishes Almost In Play to Wishes In Play.  Get your votes ready.  Tomorrow's medal will be on star rank.

Congratulations Sharon on your 6th medal!  If anyone wants a shot at this first granted wish, now is the time!  If Sharon wins tomorrow's medal, her wish will be granted.  Click read more below for information about tomorrow.

Did you know that your friends can vote again?  You are only allowed one vote per item per day, but encourage your social network to come back every day and vote again!

Sharon Cummings pulls down medal number 5!  She's been unstoppable lately.  If nobody challenges her soon, she'll have her wish granted on Friday!

It seems likely that a $100 wish will be granted this week.  Click "Read More" to learn how to use this to your advantage!

Sharon Cummings is on a roll with a large lead.  Tomorrow's medal will be based on star rank!

Congratulations Sharon Cummings!  3 medals down, 4 to go.

Congratulations Melinda McKenzie, you've won today's random medal!  Monday's medal will be awarded on vote count.

Congratulations Sharon Cummings on winning your second medal today!  Tomorrow's medal will be given out at random and Monday we'll start with number of votes again.

Congratulations JANMRP on earning her 3rd Medal at 4:20pm on 10/4/13.  Tomorrow's medal will be awarded on star rank!

On 10/3/13 at 8:00pm, a medal was awarded to JANMRP for her wish, "Food for my Mother and Father in law."  Earn 5 more medals and this wish will be granted!

On 10/2/13 at 1:45pm, a medal was awarded to Sharon Cummings for the wish "Need Clothes" for having the highest star rank!  Earn 6 more medals and your wish will be granted!

On 10/1/2013 at 5:30pm, a snapshot was taken and a medal awarded to JANMRP for the wish, "Food for my Mother and Father in law."  Six more medals and the wish will be granted!  Tomorrow's medal will be awarded on star rank.  Good Luck!

The proverbial rubber hits the road tomorrow!  Get those wishes and votes in.  Medals are awarded daily beginning tomorrow!

We've put up a Facebook page.  Feel free to visit!


Since opening to the public on 9/21/13, we welcomed our 2,000th visitor to the site around 9:00pm last night!  Thanks folks!  Keep wishing and keep voting!  Medals start October 1.

I'd like to give kudos to the forum members at  This site stopped funding wishes a while back, but they still have a nice forum there if anyone wants to chat.  Nice people over there!

Remember, we begin awarding Medals daily on 10/1/13.  Get your wishes and votes in!

Because this site is new and we're not sure about how much volume we'll see in the early weeks, we'd recommend keeping your wishes around $100 to make sure they go into play.  Higher dollar wishes may wait for some time.  Wishes that have a cost of $100 or less will go into play immediately starting October 1st and may stay in play depending on how many wishes are granted after that.

9/21/2013 - We are now accepting wishes and votes.  We will begin awarding medals on October 1, 2013!  The Wish Fund will begin on October 1, 2013 at $100.  Any wish with a cost of $100 or less will immediately go into play.