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Wishes Granted

These lucky people got their wishes granted!

We are in desperate need for a new roof (tin...from my research it would be more expensive to switch to shingles).  Our homeowner's insurance was cancelled because of it so we need it replaced to get our insurance going again.  We just had to buy a new [used] heater (literally, my husband just finished running the lines yesterday) and now we also need to get our barrel filled.  Heat trumps roof unfortunately but the roof stresses me out a lot more.

My son's nurses at his school need an extra "Thank You" for the job they do dealing with kids daily.  They need an extra treat of Coffee, Juice, Bagels, and maybe a special "perk" of extra hand soap, Hand Sanitizer, and masks.  We are in flu & illness season, and they are dealing with a lot!


I am in love with Wen Shampoo and I am out. I could use the funds to buy myself some more. Thank you for the votes and Merry Christmas!

my family is in need of decorations and Christmas so please vote for us 

thank you 

WISH GRANTED!  12/1/2015 with 51 votes and a 4.25 star rank.

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis.  Both cause a lot of pain. I would like a massage to relax those aching muscles.

I am perpetually in the hole for a few more months because of paying several doctors and hospital bills,so I am wishing for a few dollars to buy my instant coffee and Crystal Light tea.Thanks so much for voting.

I'm wishing for a nice yummy hot lunch from McDonald's or Burger King for my son Danny and I. We are always at the hospital and and it would be nice to have hot food instead of brought from home.


WISH GRANTED!  12/1/2015 with 39 votes and a 4.18 star rank.

Wish granted 2/17/14 with 72 votes and a star rank of 8.46.

Wish granted on 2/22/14 with 46 votes and a star rank of 2.20.

Wish granted on 1/31/14 with 70 votes and a star rank of 7.99.

 Wish granted on 1/14/2014 with 35 votes and a star rank of 6.31.

 Wish granted on 12/26/13 with 30 votes and a 7.23 star rank!

Wish granted on 12/19/13 with 58 votes and a star rank of 8.43.


My old ones cause medical issues w/my foot. 


 Wish granted on 12/5/13 with 42 votes and a star rank of 8.93!

Wish granted on 11/1/2013 with 55 votes and a 9.24 star rank.  Congratulations!

Wish granted on 11/6/2013 with 42 votes and a star rank of 8.40.

Wish granted on 2/12/14 with 202 votes and a star rank of 6.07.

Wish granted on 12/7/13 with 82 votes and a star rank of 8.54!

This wish was granted 10/11/2013!  Sharon was kind enough to send us a picture of what she bought with her granted wish:

Sharon's Granted Wish

Wish granted on 12/8/13 with 31 votes and a star rank of 7.19.

 Wish granted on 1/4/14 with 64 votes and a star rank of 6.72.

 Wish granted on 11/11 with 31 votes and a star rank of 8.10!