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For the cost of a beer or a cup of coffee, you can help support's mission of granting the wishes of people in need.  We'll accept any contribution of any size!  Help us pay it forward and support with a financial contribution below.  There are two support options:


1.  All Future Fund.  All of your contribution will go towards our Future Fund.  The Future Fund is invested and it's interest is used to pay for wishes.  More Future Fund = more interest, and more interest = more wishes granted!

2.  50% Future Fund.  50% of your contribution will go towards our Future Fund.  The other 50% will go towards next month's wish contest, going directly into wishes granted!


To make a contribution by credit card, click on the link below.  Thank you for supporting!


Support Options


In-Kind Support

If you'd like to support by giving us a non-cash item, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for details.  This may include an item you'd like to offer as a giveaway to our community, or something of value that we can auction.



A purchase or contribution is not required to use this site.  See our Terms of Service for details.  A contribution will not increase or decrease your probability of winning anything on this site, nor will it increase or decrease your access to services available on this site.

Although we have the best of intentions, and its sponsors are not charities or non-profit organizations.  Contributions to this site are not tax deductible for individuals, though they may be deductible for businesses as an expense.  Consult your tax adviser for details.  For contributions under $100, 10% of the contribution will be used to pay for administrative expenses, credit card charges related to processing the contribution, and operating expenses of  The remaining 90% will be used as the contributor intended based on their "Support Option" preference chosen above.  For contributions of $100 or more, only 5% will be used for the previously listed expenses, with the remaining 95% to be used as the contributor intended.

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