Blue Flower


I just moved to Wisconsin and am temporarily living with my sister. I have no vehicle. I have been looking for work since moving here last month and plan on saving up as much money as I can to use towards purchasing a vehicle, a place of my own to live and to fight to get my daughter back. I have researched vehicle prices here and the most I'd be willing to pay is $2000. The housing market for rent here for a single person is around $700-1000 a month plus utilities. I need to get a lawyer which I have been quoted fees of up to $5000. I'm not asking for anyone to pay up to $8000 for me to obtain all these things, but even half would be helpful. I am determined to do whatever I need to do to obtain self sufficiency and stability on my own, but I have very little time to gather this amount of money to succeed. My priority is to have my own place and get a lawyer to fight for my daughter, but I must do this before the end of December 2015 which is fast approaching. I am not looking for a handout or someone to financially support me. I want to be able to do that on my own. I just need a little help to get started. Thank you for reading my wish and God bless anyone willing to help!

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