Blue Flower


I wish for 25 bucks but trying to decide what I want it for is making my head spin cause I can't decide on one thing. Being I was in the hospital 3 weeks this summer and was out of work 4 months, it's been a long ago memory since I could afford any kind of luxury like, oh let's see, Dr. Teals bubble bath! Dr. Teals bubble bath is my heaven on earth and I haven't had any since like April. I'd definitely splurge on some scently tart warmers to make my house smell yummy too. Oh, and Chap stick and some lip gloss, I've been using plain vaseline for a while because that's what poor folk do. Hell I might even splurge on quilted toilet paper. I wish for $25 to blow on all a bunch of stuff just for me. It's the little things...

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