Blue Flower


My 10 year old son is pretty tall 5'2". He really wants a bike but the larger ones cost more than I have. He has also saved up about $25 dollars to put towards it. I know that I can only ask for $25 max. so I would love to win this for a $25

Amazon Gift Card to put towards his bike. I have about $100 now. 

He really deserves this because he hasn't had a bike that fits him, like ever. As a tall kid, he has always had to have one that was heavier than him, as most kids bikes are, so it was really hard to hold that sucker up. He wants to use it to ride to and from school and around the city. This would save us @ $3 per day in bus fare.


A bit about him:

He is 10 y/o in the 5th grade. He is smart and gets good grades. He is kind and thoughtful, loves animals and cant wait to be 12 so he can volunteer in animal shelters. He has taken a bike maintenance and repair class, at his own expense. 

When he is not taking various classes with his shy younger brother, he likes to swim, play soccer, tinker and draw. When he grows up ,he wants to be an Aeronautic Engineer after he joins the Navy. He is currently studying Japanese in school and loves sushi.

 Schwinn Men's Wayfare Hybrid Bike, Blue



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