Blue Flower


Congratulations!  We will contact you with the information we need to grant your wish.  We will require some basic information such as:

Your mailing address

Your phone number

Delivery details that may be necessary

Tax information should your Wish meet certain criteria


If we do not receive the information we require to grant your wish within 60 days, the wish will be considered abandoned and it will not be granted.  Please keep in regular contact with us if your wish is granted until you are certain your wish has been fulfilled.  If possible, please SEND US A PICTURE OF YOU WITH YOUR GRANTED WISH.  We'll publish it on our site which might make you famous!

Please abide by our cool-off period policy before posting another wish.  Any attempt to bypass any of our policies may result in removal of your wish from our site, removal of your user account from our site, and/or forfeiture of any wish granted outside of policy.

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