Blue Flower


Voting is free, easy, and quick.  You are allowed 1 vote for each wish per day.  Only registered users can vote.  To vote, do the following:

1.  Find a wish to vote for.

2.  Click on the title of the wish.

3.  Click on the 10 star vote bar to cast your vote.

You can cast as many votes as you'd like, but only 1 vote per wish per day (time stamped votes, 24 hour cycle).

Getting the highest star ranking can be complex, involving factors such as the quality of your wish or your competitor's wish.  Who really knows what motivates the mob to give you quality votes?!  Perhaps they like your wish, perhaps they like you, or perhaps they don't like a competitor's wish and want to boost yours.  Your guess is as good as ours, but the number of stars in a vote sometimes counts!

Let your voice be heard!

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